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Everybody's Theater is an acting group for teens with high functioning Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.




Social Skills

Vocal Training

Faith Building


Call ahead so that we can welcome you!  New students are welcome at any time.







Everybody’s Theater Update

Currently rehearsing
 - "Attempted Robbery" by Chris Hurt
 - "SuperChristian!" by Rob Courtney

both from the book Skits That Teach Vol 2, Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, aka The Skit Guys

Our faith discussions lately have centered around being a supporting actor, and how that is more difficult than being the star all the time. 

And we are continuing to use improv to act out life’s ordinary and strange experiences

Bethany and Special Needs

Bethany loves people with special needs!  You and your family are very welcome, and you'll find that this is a very supportive environment where no behavior strike us as odd.  We all have stories!

Recently, we saw an opportunity to create a class around several of our youth who were interested in acting, and have either Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.  Imagine, a class at a church that youth want to go to?!

The class is taught by Bill and Laura Bailey, Bethany members that are the parents of an 18 year old with autism. Their sole qualifications for teaching this class are their love of people like their son, and an interest in theater.

What the Class Is...

First of all, it's just a comfortable place to hang out and make friends.  School is stressful, the weekend does not have to be.

Then, we work on our acting.  We start with fun acting exercises that help us rehearse our ability to recognize emotions in other people and to show our emotions. 

Then we improv, and it gets pretty crazy.  You may see some clips on the website from time to time.  It's a way to develop our skill at picking up cues from other actors and stretch our imagination.  It is amazing how good the class is at this.

We rehearse skits, nearly all with a faith message.  There are good short plays for youth, and we like something with a message and some humor.

We close with a faith discussion, which is usually related to a theme that has run throughout the class that day.  Past themes have been Anxiety, Remote Control, Empathy, Connecting, Building get the idea.

The class has become very supportive of each other.  We perform at Bethany periodically, and if you would like to have us perform at your venue, please contact us.

Who should join

This is really intended for students age 13 and above, but we can be flexible. People in the class have different levels of ability, and this is not an issue at all.

We understand that every person is unique, and you may have concerns.  We welcome your questions and requests.


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